Pam Phelps is a truly gifted energy healer. I have enjoyed light work of various types over the years, however, I have never been brought to the depths of complete relaxation as I have with Pam. Her work is subtle, yet profound. It has opened me in ways I never thought possible. I came to Pam with painful symptoms of restless leg syndrome. It was most severe when reclining at rest and prevented me from sleeping at night. I noted improvement with the first treatment and with the second treatment, the symptoms were gone. It has been over a month and the symptoms have not returned. Pam is a clear vessel for healing energy. I highly recommend her services.

Linda H

I love my sessions with Pam. She welcomes me with warmth and calm. Then using her many skills she guides me through a session of healing and personal transformation. What fun! Thank you Pam.



I have known Pam for many years and started seeing her as soon as she opened her practice. I started to see Pam for pain in my Elbow and it was the best decision that I could have made. At first you may feel hestitant and wonder how could this type of healing could possibly help but Pam has angelic hands that work wonders.

Not only does she help relieve the pain but during my treatments I was able to completely relax which also helped with my stress. Once I noticed that my pain in my elbow was gone, I started to see Pam for the tension I was having in my neck and shoulders that was leading to my migraines.

Pam has done healing touch for me and the shifts I have felt with this strong, loving care have moved me into a higher functioning as well as vibrating loving being!!!

Pam supplies tremendous amounts of support and love in her sessions, and I have always walked away being more empowered than I came in.


Hours by appointment. Call to schedule.

9578 Murray Dr
La Mesa CA 91942

Email:  pam.touchofharmony@gmail.com